How to do YouTube SEO?
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How to do YouTube SEO?

If creating professional videos meant to promote your brand and SEO on YouTube intimidates you, rest assured you're not alone. Many e-merchants are discouraged by the initial investment and the work required to find a place on the platform. That's why video, specifically on YouTube, is a competitively advantageous channel to reach your target audience.

The platform, therefore, offers a significant opportunity for brands of all sizes, especially when we know that entrepreneurs genuinely willing to invest resources in creating videos can be counted at their fingertips. Appearing in YouTube search results and reaching an audience that is looking for what you offer, with a much leaner competitive landscape (several of your competitors missing) — you definitely won't say no.

To get the most out of your video investment, especially on YouTube, you must develop a video SEO strategy before you even shoot your first footage. You'll produce content already engaging users by planning your YouTube SEO efforts. This predisposes you to receive qualified traffic for months and years to come. An engaging YouTube video that tops search rankings for profitable keywords is a valuable asset that can provide value to your e-commerce site in the long run.

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Therefore, through YouTube videos optimized for SEO, you will achieve good rankings - even if the time you can dedicate to your YouTube business channel is limited. Your videos will undoubtedly retain value after 24 hours or a few days, like on other content-saturated and competitor-laden social platforms. But first, you must learn how to plan and optimize your videos. Our guide tells you exactly how to do it.

Youtube Content Strategy

Before you start optimizing your videos, it's essential to think of them as part of your overall business content strategy — that content strategy is supposed to help you plan what you're going to create and what goals you want to achieve. Here are some key points that will help you identify which videos can bring the most value to your business. Your content strategy is supposed to allow you to plan what you are going to create and what goals you want to achieve.

Understand Your Audience Youtube SEO

Understand Your Audience

YouTube's content search and discovery goal is to help users find the information they're looking for. The first step is, therefore, to establish a strategy allowing you to understand who are the people you want to reach and what they are looking for.

Think about your target customers and why they would interact with your brand. Will your products help them solve a problem? Is it an emotional connection that binds them to your brand? Or the entertaining nature of your content that amuses them? The answers to these questions should guide decisions about your brand's video content strategy.

Choose Your Video Format

Creating engaging YouTube videos can sometimes require showing up in person or using fancy equipment. You can, for example, film your screen while commenting on the slides of a presentation or even obtain a good-quality video sequence by filming with your smartphone or tablet's camera.

There are countless other video formats to produce, depending on your goals. Above all, choose a video format that speaks to your audience while conveying the information users are looking for.

The task, therefore, is to determine the type of content that will resonate with your audience. You need to understand who your target customers are and what interests them — and then create content that serves them while arousing their interest. If you haven't set up avatars for your online store yet, this is where you'll need to start.

Create A Keyword Strategy Youtube SEO

Create A Keyword Strategy

A relevant keyword strategy is the cornerstone of any profitable YouTube channel — as it will help you create content that people are already interested in and can achieve high rankings in search results. These two prerequisites will ensure the long-term profitability of your YouTube video SEO efforts.

Your thinking about what to create and how to go about it should be an excellent place to start. Now is the time to craft and find topics and keywords to cover in your channel. As soon as you have an idea, like "train a dog" or "wear a scarf," you can start testing relevant words and phrases that customers might search for answers to.

A relevant keyword strategy is the cornerstone of any profitable YouTube channel. As you research your keywords, save your ideas in a spread sheet you can refer to when creating your videos. Be sure to include the following:

  • The keyword. This is the exact phrase you want to appear in the search results.
  • The search volume. This is the approximate monthly volume of searches for this keyword.
  • The competition for the keyword. An indication of the number of advertisers showing ads on YouTube for this keyword. While this metric will give you a rough estimate of the level of competition, it won't always reflect the actual competitive landscape in the organic results — keep this point in mind.

We are still figuring out where to start or what keywords to study first. Get in on the action by consulting our guide:The guide to keyword research for your online sales site.

Search For Keywords

One of the most effective tools for keyword research directly on YouTube is Keywords Everywhere — a free browser extension available on Chrome and Firefox. Since the tool works directly in the search bar, all you have to do is type in a word or phrase you plan to target, and Keywords Everywhere will show you the monthly search volume, an indication of the level of competition, and the cost. Per click to target the keyword by advertising.

Optimize Your Content For SEO On Youtube

Optimize Your Content For SEO On Youtube

Once you've decided on a keyword to target with your video, it's time to optimize your content to let YouTube know that your video is particularly relevant. We'll come back to this point many times, but it's worth pointing out the following now:when it comes to optimization, your real goal is to help YouTube understand what your content is about. 

The task is accessible; the most important thing is to be coherent and clear enough so the targeted audience can find what they are looking for. When it comes to optimization, your real goal is to help YouTube understand what your content is about.


In terms of SEO on YouTube, the title of your video is used to:

  1. Boost your click-through rate. When a user searches for your keyword, it's not just your video that jumps out at them — they're shown a whole list of similar results. Your title must be clear, descriptive, and engaging enough to capture attention and generate clicks. If more users click on your title than on competing titles, this will signal to YouTube that your video is particularly relevant for the targeted keyword.
  2. Report keywords. You should include your primary keyword in your title since the title is the metadata that YouTube first scans to determine how relevant your video is to a given keyword.

That said, be sure to avoid misleading titles. Don't make false promises in the title, and avoid excessive use of capitals or punctuation marks. According to YouTube, misleading titles perform poorly in search results even if they don't directly violate its platform policies.


YouTube search results give you, through thumbnails, more control over what a potential viewer sees. This gives you the opportunity to provide additional information about the video and the value the viewer might derive from it. Therefore, optimizing your thumbnail images can increase your click-through rate and average watch time.
Luckily, you can upload your image and set it as your video thumbnail. So you can use more than a static image automatically generated from the video. According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos on the platform have a custom thumbnail.

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Your video description allows you to use your primary keyword again and include as much relevant content as needed. With a description of up to 5,000 characters, you have plenty of room to make an impact.


Tags will also help users understand what your video is about. Tags tell YouTube which keywords you want to associate with your video.

Keep in mind that according to YouTube, including trending tags, such as popular terms or trending phrases, won't help boost your rankings in the long run. Above all, be sure to use tags relevant to your video's content.

Viewing Time For Youtube SEO

Viewing Time

YouTube appreciates when creators retain users on its platform. Since watch time is a crucial indicator of content quality, you will be able to stand out by making users watch your videos for longer. YouTube has officially confirmed that watch time is a crucial organic ranking factor on its platform.

For someone running a business YouTube channel, this might seem counterintuitive. Of course, your goal is to rank well on YouTube, but you also need to get viewers to leave YouTube to place an order in your online store — something you should do after users have viewed your content

Here are four strategies to increase the watch time of your videos:

  1. Prepare the script for your video. By preparing your script in advance, you'll be able to express yourself clearly and concisely and keep viewers engaged.
  2. Use index cards. If you have other relevant information to showcase, especially in the form of other YouTube videos, you can create cards that link to those items and display them while viewers watch your content.
  3. Use end screens. You can set up end screens to appear during your video's last 5-20 seconds. These elements can effectively suggest other relevant videos to your viewers to keep them exploring your channel — increasing watch time.
  4. Create playlists. A playlist that includes carefully curated videos can help increase viewer interest and watch time by automatically loading a new video as soon as the user finishes watching the currently playing video.

It is essential to understand that the watch time of a video only impacts the YouTube rank of the video in question. Your main priority is optimizing your content so that viewers watch your clip for as long as possible. That said, by getting people to watch more content on your channel, you'll be in an excellent position to rack up more subscribers and ultimately convert those subscribers into customers.

Transcripts And Subtitles

Adding transcripts to your videos makes it easier for the hearing impaired to understand your content, and you may even boost watch time if users want to play the video in mute mode. But is there an SEO impact on YouTube?

No official link has been established between adding a transcript and improving search rankings. But that doesn't mean you should skip this optimization since you have the opportunity to provide content that can help YouTube better understand your video. Also, be aware that in standard Google search results, Google prioritizes content that can consume differently.

Shares On Social Networks

While Google clarifies that social media shares don't impact search rankings, things are different on YouTube.
The difficulty in creating false shares would explain this correlation since YouTube could better track the location where each video is shared. Although YouTube has not officially confirmed that social shares impact search rankings, the strong correlation mentioned above and YouTube's social share statistics suggest that the more a YouTube video is shared, the better. Its referencing.

Optimize Your SEO On Youtube To Get The Most Out Of Your Videos

Creating YouTube videos and hosting a professional channel takes work for most e-merchants. That's why YouTube is the perfect environment to stand out from the competition.  

 It's important to target keywords that have proven potential for your niche and business that people are already searching for—after that, optimizing your videos is essential to help YouTube relate those keywords to the video content you post.

It's one of the best ways to ensure the long-term effectiveness and profitability of the videos you create to support your e-commerce site and your YouTube SEO efforts. You can use our services to give new heights to your business. Every brand can acquire more potential on YouTube.  Many YouTubers earn through YouTube with good SEO because without it's not possible to rank on first on YouTube.


What is SEO?

SEO is known as an abbreviation consisting of the initials of the words "Search Engine Optimization". All of the technical work done for websites to rank higher in search engines is called SEO.

What is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO is a strategy used to ensure that your videos on Youtube rank higher in search results. This strategy ensures that your Youtube videos rank higher in search results and are shown on the recommended videos and homepage. This way, your videos can get more views and higher rankings organically.

What is YouTube Optimization?

YouTube optimization is a technique used to increase the visibility of your channel and videos. YouTube is one of the biggest search engines today, with billions of videos being viewed on this platform every day. Therefore, to get more visibility on YouTube, you need to optimize your channel and videos. For YouTube video optimization, it covers all topics such as video titles, descriptions, tags, cover photos, thumbnails, content of videos.

Is YouTube SEO Paid?

Youtube SEO consists of the changes you will make on users' videos and is not subject to any fee. If you are not getting the results you want, you can buy Youtube, views, likes, comments and social shares through our website and help your Youtube videos rank higher in search results.

How Much Money is Youtube SEO?

Youtube SEO refers to optimizing YouTube videos for better visibility and search engine rankings. Search engine optimization is not a service that can be purchased at a fixed price.

What is the Youtube SEO Program?

A YouTube SEO program is software or tools used to ensure that YouTube videos rank higher in search results. These programs ensure that videos rank high in search results by analyzing factors such as keyword research, content optimization, tagging, meta description, title and description.

Youtube SEO or Advertising?

Youtube SEO is a strategy used to ensure that your videos on Youtube are viewed more organically. Youtube advertising, on the other hand, is the process of advertising through the Youtube ad network by paying to present your videos to a targeted audience. While both methods offer some advantages, YouTube SEO can be used as a long-term strategy and offers the potential to build an organic audience. Youtube advertising, on the other hand, offers a faster solution for short-term results and provides direct access to the targeted audience. You can choose both methods according to your goals and budget.

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