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REAL VIEWSThe views used in the Youtube views service are not bots. Completely real views are sent.

GEO TARGETED OPTIONThere is a targeting option according to the country you choose.

STARTS IN 10 MINUTES TO 24 HOURSDepending on the workload, it starts in a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours.

DAILY SPEED IS BETWEEN 10.000-500.000 The minimum daily speed is 10,000, the maximum daily speed is 500.000

NO DROP - 30 DAY REFILL WARRANTYThere is no drop in views. Free refill will be provided for drops above 20% under 30-day warranty.

MINIMUM 100 MAXIMUM 2.000.000You can buy a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 2.000.000 at a time. You can purchase again after the service is completed.

100% SECURE / SSL PAYMENT All the information you enter is encrypted with 256-bit SSL and a 100% secure payment environment is created.

10% discount for 5000+ In this service, an 10% discount will be applied for purchases of more than 5000. *Discount does not apply to options.

15% discount for 20000+ In this service, an 15% discount will be applied for purchases of more than 20000. *Discount does not apply to options.

20% discount for 100000+ In this service, an 20% discount will be applied for purchases of more than 100000. *Discount does not apply to options.

There should be no age restrictions on the video.

The "allow embed" option of the video must be enabled.

There should be no country restrictions on the video.

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Buy Youtube Views To Become Famous On Youtube

Do you aim to be famous on Youtube, even plan to earn money from the videos you publish on Youtube, but you think that you do not have enough views? You can easily become a Youtube celebrity by getting support from our completely harmless and real views services! With the organic followers you get, you can rank higher on Youtube and beat your competitors.

Why Should You Buy Youtube Views?

Often used on Youtube and one of the most important factors for popularity, views are a popular criterion that increases when someone watches or interacts with your video for thirty seconds or less. This criterion, which varies depending on how much people interact with your video or how long they watch it, allows people who have not watched your video or who have never visited your channel to learn about your popularity.

To make sure that a YouTube video has been watched by a user, the Youtube algorithm checks whether that user has watched the video for at least thirty seconds and started watching the video intentionally.

Although the number of people using Youtube in the world is high, it can be difficult to stand out from so much content as the number of Youtube channels and videos is also high. Youtube views that you will buy to gain popularity and show the masses that you are popular will also benefit you in many ways. Are you ready to learn the benefits of buying Youtube views?

Seven Benefits of Buying Youtube Views

By searching the query buy views on Google, you can come across many sites that sell Youtube views. The benefits that cause people to search for this query and now make it a business to sell views for companies are as follows:

  • Buying Youtube Views helps your channel rank higher on the Youtube homepage and rankings.
  • Your video will be among the viral videos in a short time, as your video receives more views than it can normally get in a short time.
  • Videos with more views are featured more on people's homepages, so gaining followers is pretty easy.
  • Buy views on youtube can make your channel more credible, as people like to watch videos that other people like and trust the most-watched videos.
  • If you have opened your Youtube channel to support your website, youtube views will greatly affect your website traffic.
  • Although Youtube is a video-sharing platform that makes money, it has a certain hour limit for you to earn money. 4000 watch hours on youtube will be enough for you to monetize your channel.
  • You can save time with this monetization method, as Youtube offers you the opportunity to earn money by shooting videos from home or the places you go.

Read on to find out how these benefits work!

Buy Youtube Viewers to Effect Your Channel's Ranking

If you have opened a Youtube channel to reach your target audience and promote your brand, you should know that the type of interactions and the number of views of your videos can seriously affect your Youtube ranking. The biggest reason why the type of interaction and the number of views affect the ranking is that the Youtube algorithm is programmed to recommend popular content to users.

Youtube's algorithm considers many criteria such as the number of views, the number of comments, the number of likes, and user participation to suggest content to its users. Since the increase in the number of views on your Youtube channel is remarkable for the Youtube algorithm, purchasing the number of Youtube views can easily increase your content to the top.

Buy one of our Youtube views packages and enjoy the top rankings!

Buy Youtube Views to Make Your Videos Viral

Since being popular on Youtube takes time, you will need to make an effort to be popular and upload quality videos as a routine, and the videos you upload will have good interaction. Since it is very challenging to be popular on Youtube without buying Youtube views, Youtube channel owners search for buy youtube views on the internet and buy Youtube views.

The number of views you will buy for your video to go viral will help you to become popular among users on Youtube and to grow organically by sharing your videos on social media. Are you ready to make your videos go viral and gain organic followers at the same time?

Buy Youtube Viewings to Effect the Count of Youtube Subscribers

If you want your Youtube channel to be popular, you should know that what you need to focus on is gaining loyal subscribers and having organic engagement. However, if you have just opened your Youtube channel, you can try to gain subscribers with Youtube views, as it will take time to gain subscribers.

Your purchased Youtube views will help your video become viral. Since viral videos appear more on people's homepages, they will reach more people than usual, and some of these people will start to follow you by liking your content. When people see the popularity of your content, they won't be able to stop themselves from following you!

Buy Youtube Views to Gain Credibility

People by nature are more inclined to buy things that other people like and do things they do, so they prefer to watch videos with high ratings. For this reason, it is extremely easy for popular Youtube channels to increase the number of views and duration quite quickly.

If your Youtube channel is new and therefore you do not have a popular channel, you can easily show people that your channel is a popular and reliable channel by purchasing views.

For this reason, get youtube views to increase the credibility of your potential viewers and subscribers. With this action, which will help you stand out in a short time, it is quite possible to gain credibility in the long run.

Buy viewers on our website to gain loyal and trusting viewers!

But Youtube Viewings to Increase Your Website Traffic

If you already have a website and you have created a Youtube channel for your website, you should know that the number of views and the virality of your videos are very important for people to visit your website and have higher traffic. Today, many people try to help small businesses increase traffic by sharing Youtube videos of those businesses on their social networks.

You can easily increase the traffic of your website by attracting more traffic to the Youtube videos you have opened and created to promote your website.

Although it is easy to find many Youtube viewers by searching the phrase how to increase youtube views in search engines, you should research whether these sellers are reliable. You should not forget that these Youtube views that you will receive to increase the traffic of your website will bring you more harm than good unless they are organic.

Use our packages for followers that are both organic and will increase your website traffic!

Buy Youtube Views to Make Money

Since making money on the Internet has become a goal rather than a dream for people, people are trying to make money on Youtube and become popular to make money. Making serious money on YouTube is quite challenging, without any support, as it takes time to make money from YouTube. If you want to earn serious money from Youtube, your videos need to be viewed more and your viewers need to share your videos with other people. Since this process is very long, people prefer to buy, buy 4000 watch hours on youtube packages from companies that sell Youtube views.

Even if you have serious popularity on Youtube, it is not possible to earn money on Youtube if your Youtube channel does not have 4000 hours of views and 1000 subscribers in total. By purchasing Youtube watch packages, you can easily and easily reach this number of subscribers and watch time.

Earning more money with a small amount of money has never been easier!

Buy Youtube Views To Save Your Time

Although the working hours of each working person vary, a person who has a permanent job and does not work as a freelancer can work tens of hours a week. After your video goes viral on Youtube and if you have the popularity necessary for your videos to be watched continuously, there will be nothing you need to do other than make videos regularly. Since your videos are watched continuously, you will earn a certain income passively and you will not have to work tens of hours a week.

You can buy Youtube views to shorten this process, as it takes time to gain the popularity necessary to monetize Youtube videos. In this case, you can use your remaining free time as you wish and earn money easily.

Spend more time with the people you love by buying Youtube views!

Be Careful About Your Company that Sells Youtube View to Avoid the Harmful Aspects of Buying Youtube Views?

Although buying Youtube views has bad effects such as not sharing on social media, not gaining real subscribers or fans, it is possible to get rid of the harmful effects of this action.

Companies on the market that sell Youtube views have many packages, including quality and poor quality content, but customers are not told which of these packages are of good quality and which of them are of poor quality. Youtube spends a lot of money to distinguish between organic followers and non-organic followers and always aims to provide quality content to its users.

When a poor quality Youtube viewing package is purchased, the content you share on your Youtube channel may suffer serious damage in both the short, medium, and long term, so people who want to increase their videos in the rankings should buy a quality package.

When a poor quality package is purchased, Youtube can prevent your content from falling on the home page for a while or completely, delete your statistics and even block your channel.

To avoid these possible bad effects, the thing you need to pay attention to in the quality package you will receive is that the viewers are completely organic. When you are sure that the company you choose sells organic viewers with the package offered to you, you can purchase that package.

Be sure to check out our packages with organic followers and absolutely no bot followers! Become number one on Youtube by taking advantage of the reliable payment methods we offer for you!

How to Tell if a Youtube Views Purchase Service is Quality?

The method of purchasing Youtube content, which is used by every Youtube content producer who wants to be popular today, is used to reach higher rankings. However, serious problems can be encountered both in the short term and in the long term if a Youtube viewing package is not purchased from a reliable place.

To understand whether the company you will buy the package from is of high quality, you should check whether it sells you, organic followers, whether it has a refill guarantee policy, and whether it uses reliable payment methods.

Choose us for the packages where you will not experience a decrease in the number of views! In case of a decrease of more than twenty percent, we will compensate your loss within thirty days. Moreover, we have secure payment methods where you can protect your credit card information!

Increase Your Youtube Views with These Seven Ways

Are your videos not growing organically despite buying Youtube views? Then try the seven ways we've listed below!

  • Get people's attention by creating engaging content, the best way to do that is to create how-to videos and share them.
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and share you with their friends by telling viewers that the next video will come after a certain number of views or likes.
  • Create categorized playlists of your videos to keep people watching.
  • Create a twenty-five to thirty-second trailer that shows what kind of content you have, what benefits your channel has brought people and encourages people to subscribe.
  • If you want to gain organic followers and increase your views organically, it would be logical to put an eye-catching video preview image.
  • If you want your videos to be watched internationally, the translations you add under your content are of great importance. You can also prepare a Youtube subtitle in your language, considering your deaf audience.
  • To publish your content an hour or two before the peak time of your viewers and subscribers, you should review the "While your viewers are on Youtube" report that Youtube shared with you. Posting your videos at or before these peak moments will earn you more views.

Try these methods after purchasing our packages with organic followers! There is no possibility that you will not be at the top of the Youtube rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will My Youtube Views Order Start?

The Youtube views service you will buy will start automatically and the number of views will start to increase between 10 minutes and 24 hours.

When Will My Youtube Views Order Be Completed?

Youtube views orders are completed within 24 hours on average. If the quantity to buy is high, the completion time may increase accordingly.

Are Youtube Views Real?

The Youtube views service you will purchase through Youtube Services is real and permanent. With the buy real views service, you can increase your Youtube ranking and video popularity.

Are Youtube Views Permanent?

The Youtube views service you will purchase through Youtube Services is real and permanent. If there is more than 20% decrease within 30 days, we provide a free refill guarantee.

Is there a Refill Guarantee in Youtube Views Service?

Yes, we provide a free refill guarantee if there is more than 20% drop in 30 days.

Can I Buy Geo-Targeted Views?

Yes, you can buy geo-targeted views. You can use the "location target" option on the Youtube views page.

Can I Increase Viewers Retention Time?

No, it is not possible to change the retention time in the video. It may vary depending on the interest of the video.

What Settings Should I Check Before Buying Youtube Views?

Before buying Youtube views, you should check the following settings;

  • There should be no age and country restrictions on the video,
  • "Allow embedding" option must be checked,
  • The video must not be private or unlisted,
  • It should not be a first screening video.

What are the Advantages of Buying Youtube Views?

Buying YouTube views can have many advantages. These;

  • Buying Youtube Views helps your channel rank higher on the Youtube homepage and rankings.
  • Your video will be among the viral videos in a short time, as your video receives more views than it can normally get in a short time.
  • Videos with more views are featured more on people's homepages, so gaining followers is pretty easy.
  • Buy views on youtube can make your channel more credible, as people like to watch videos that other people like and trust the most-watched videos.

When Should I Use Youtube Views Service?

You can use this service within 48 hours after the video is published. The first 48 hours a video goes live is a critical time for engagement.

Will My Ad Revenue Increase If I Buy Youtube Views?

If you buy YouTube views, your ad revenue will not increase.

Is Password Required When Buying Youtube Views?

A password is not required for purchasing services on our site. You can complete your order with the channel or video link requested from you.

Can I Use the Views Service for Youtube Shorts?

Yes, you can benefit from our Youtube views service for Shorts. Our Youtube views service is suitable for both Shorts videos and Youtube videos.

Can I Use Youtube Views Service for Youtube Playlist?

No, you cannot use Youtube views service for Playlist. When ordering, you only need to complete your shopping by entering 1 video link.

Can I Use Youtube Views Service for Premiere Video?

No, it cannot be used. In order to use this service, the video must be publicly published.

Can I Use Youtube Views Service for Unlisted Video?

No, it cannot be used. In order to use this service, the video must be shared publicly.

Can I Use Youtube Views Service for Private Video?

No, it cannot be used. In order to use this service, the video must be shared publicly.

How Can I Buy Views For All Videos On My Channel?

With the basket option on our website, you can add the services you want to the basket and pay at once.

Can I Get Views for Active Live Stream?

If the live stream is active, the views cannot be sent. You can buy views for the video after the live stream is complete. If you need live stream viewers, you can buy live stream viewers on the buy live stream viewers page.

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